Impressive press coverage on World TB Day

Today is World TB day, a date that marks the announcement, in 1882 by Dr Robert Koch, of the discovery of the TB bacillus which causes Tuberculosis.

There has been impressive UK media coverage throughout the day, drawing public attention to the global epidemic of TB and the efforts to eliminate the disease. Below are links to a number of the UK articles marking World TB day. Do get commenting on these items to make sure as much coverage as possible is generated!

Guardian –

Financial Times –

  • FT supplement on World TB Day in the paper and online – includes a podcast interview online with Alistair Story about the Find & Treat mobile TB X-ray unit; TV broadcast online by Lucy Chesire about being a TB patient and about community responses to TB; opinion editorial by Archbishop Desmond Tutu about having TB and launch of ‘TB: A disease of the past? Action now!’ campaign; and a report from AMREF TB project in Uganda. All available from:

BBC Focus on Africa –

British Medical Journal –

ePolitix  –

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