RESULTS UK Queues for the Loo

The QueueYesterday (22nd March) was World Water Day and RESULTS activists joined with thousands around the world to form the world’s longest toilet queue to highlight the dire state of sanitation.

Grassroots activists who were in London for our National Conference joined the main London queue outside Parliament, while a member of our Stort Valley group also organised a queue in the school she works in – see the photos below.

With 2.6 billion people not having a safe place to go to the toilet, this is a critical issue. Not counting the horrible indignity of having no proper loo, poor sanitation is responsible for the spread of disease and illness that impacts on health and education – and especially on children.

Around 4,000 children die every day from water related diseases. Diarrhoea kills five times more children than HIV/AIDS and twiceQueue in Stort Valley as many as malaria.

This also especially affects girls. Girls often don’t attend school because they don’t have dedicated female toilets that are safe and private – particularly important after the onset of puberty. Girls are also the family members who are tasked with fetching and carrying water from distant sources or caring for ill siblings, leaving no time for school.

After the queue in London RESULTS staff and activists spoke to Andrew Mitchell, MP and Shadow Secretary of State for International Development to encourage him to be a champion for sanitation. We stressed how important it was for the UK Parliament and Department for International Development to tackle this issue, and to ensure that sanitation is not left behind in the important G8 talks later this year or in the review of the Millennium Development Goals in September.

To read more on the global activities for the World’s Longest Toilet Queue, click here! You can also Queue in Stort Valleysee a video from the London queue featuring RESULTS members at WaterAid’s website.


2 responses to “RESULTS UK Queues for the Loo

  1. Just to add to this post, World Toilet Organization (a deliberate pun for WTO) is taking up the task of setting up toilets in the developing world. They have partnered with UN and other development agencies, and work primarily in the Far East.

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