Microinsurance at the Microfinance Club UK

Frida and Goodlove
This Wednesday night Aaron Oxley from RESULTS UK joined Richard Leftley from MicroEnsure in speaking about crop and health microinsurance to the members of the Microfinance Club UK.

The event was held at the Morgan Stanley offices in Canary Wharf, and people were being turned away due to the popularity of the subject. There is huge demand for people to learn more about the exciting area of microinsurance.

In fact, the appetite for knowledge was so high that the question and answer session lasted a half-hour longer than scheduled – and not a single member of the audience left the auditorium!

If you missed this event, Richard Leftley will be speaking again at RESULTS National Conference on the 20th of March. If you would like to learn more about Microinsurance and RESULTS involvement with crop microinsurance and climate change in particular, please take a look at our previous actions (see August 2009) and posts about our successes.

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