Use your constituent power to generate support for health in developing countries!

Last week many of our grassroots members took part in an action to invite their MPs to attend a parliamentary briefing on the Robin Hood Tax, joining a total of 2453 constituents who sent out invitations. You will be pleased to know that the briefing was a great success, with more than 80 MPs present. See the Robin Hood Tax website for more details.  The huge turnout was a fantastic demonstration of how well it works when constituents ask their MPs to do something – thanks to everyone who took part!

Another opportunity to use your constituent power is coming up. Action for Global Health, a network of NGOs working on health and international development, is organising a reception on Monday 8th March from 17:15-19:30 in the CPA room in parliament, to launch a ‘call to action’ to support global health. With just five years to go to meet the health Millennium Development Goals, 2010 is a critical year to demonstrate the UK’s commitment to global health, and it is essential that the new government does not turn away from its commitments in this area.

If you would like to show your support for this campaign, please follow this link and sign up. In addition, you could use your constituent power again by emailing your MP to ask them to come along. There is also an open invitation to all RESULTS activists to attend the event, so if you would like to come along yourself please do!


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