UK Coalition to Stop TB prepares for launch of 2010 Campaign

In the run up to World TB Day on 24 March 2010, the UK Coalition to Stop TB (of which RESULTS is a member of and currently on the secretariat), has kick-started the process of launching their 2010 campaign ‘TB: A disease of the past? Action Now!’According to the latest figures published by World Health Organization (WHO) in 2009, almost 2 million people die a year from tuberculosis, that’s 5,000 people a day. Despite being declared a ‘global emergency’ by the WHO in 1993, insufficient progress has been made to tackle this ancient killer. It should no longer be acceptable to overlook this poverty-related disease that most importantly is treatable and preventable, and affects so many of the world’s population.

In 2010 with a General Election on the horizon, there is a need to galvanise the UK Government to start taking further action immediately. The UK Coalition to Stop TB’s camapaign aims to put TB high on the agenda of politicians in the run up to the election and increase awareness in the general population.

As part of this campaign, several actions are being coordinated by the Coalition:

The UK Coalition to Stop TB, in partnership with Target Tuberculosis, will be hosting an evening reception for World TB Day on 24th March 2010. The event will launch the Coalition’s 2010 campaign to obtain a commitment from all of the major political parties to continue to support and scale up the fight against TB globally and within the UK, and to ensure that TB is a priority in the global health agenda.  More information about this event can be found on the Coalition website:

This event will also see the release of the TB manifesto entitled TB Election Asks, created and designed by the Campaign Working Group of the Coalition, complete with a foreword supported and signed by Archbishop Desmond Tutu. This TB manifesto is currently being circulated amongst RESULTS UK grassroots activists to follow up with their Prospective Parliamentary Candidates (PPCs) during their Monthly Action pack for March!

To help tie all of these events together the Coalition will have an Open Letter displayed in the national Times newspaper on the 24 March 2010. Something to keep an eye out for!

If you have any queries about the Coalition or are interested in becoming a member of the UK Coalition to Stop TB, whether as part of an organisation or as an individual please get in touch with the coordinator, Aparna Barua on

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