RESULTS activists invited to briefing on the IMF and healthworkers

Action for Global Health (a coalition of which RESULTS is a member) and the Stop Aids Campaign have invited RESULTS activists to attend a briefing on the impact of IMF policies on healthworkers in the developing world. The meeting will provide an excellent update on the role of the IMF, an issue that we have addresses in several previous monthly conference calls – for example in April 2009.

At the meeting the organisers will launch their new report ‘The IMF, the Global Crisis, and Human Resources for Health: Still Constraining the Policy Space’, which demonstrates that despite the IMF portraying itself as reformed, its policies still have serious negative impacts on the levels of healthworkers borrower countries can employ and therefore on the health of their populations.

Peter Chowla from the Bretton Woods Project will be giving a keynote address to help everyone understand exactly how this issue impacts on health in the world’s poorest countries, and what changes we should be demanding to ensure that the IMF stops preventing countries from employing sufficient healthworkers. Julia Modern from RESULTS will be helping to present the findings of the report.

The meeting will be held at the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund, County Hall, Westminster Bridge Road, London SE1 7PB at 11:00 on Wednesday the 3rd March. If you would like to attend please send an email to

Invitation to meeting - if you can't view this please email


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