Global Poverty Project Launched!

The Global Poverty ProjectRESULTS staff and volunteers were treated to an excellent evening under the dome of St Paul’s Cathedral for the UK launch of the Global Poverty Project (GPP).

You have probably heard us talking about the GPP before, so it was tremendously encouraging to go along and see the 1.4 Billion Reasons presentation given in such a majestic setting. The presentation began with words from the Archbishop of York, John Setanmu, and Douglas Alexander MP, Secretary of State for International Development.

The presentation itself was fantastic. Hugh Evans talked the audience through it, starting with his own journey where he first learned about poverty in a slum in the Philippines. The topics covered were diverse: from the way London used to be a seething cesspit of disease prior to the introduction of sewage system, through first-hand accounts on scraping out a living in rural Zimbabwe, through to answering the question of what we do about corruption. Above all, it made it very clear that ending poverty in our lifetime was not only achievable but the morally right thing to do.

GPP at St Paul'sThe evening ended powerfully, with the audience being challenged to make a personal commitment to help end poverty. RESULTS volunteers and activists should feel proud they’re already in action! One of the things that the GPP highlights as a powerful action is for ordinary people to learn more about the issues and then do something about them, which is exactly what we do in RESULTS. Due to our partnership with the Global Poverty Project we expect that people who are inspired by their presentations will find a natural home for committed and sustained action with RESULTS.

The Global Poverty Project will be attending our National Conference in March to show RESULTS activists the presentation, and to encourage us to host Global Poverty Project presentations in our communities. Former RESULTS staff member Ellis Brooks has already begun preparations for a presentation in Birmingham!

If you want to get involved, please get in touch with us in the office, or feel free to go directly to the GPP website and sign up there.


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