Robin Hood Tax campaign officially launched

The Robin Hood Tax

RESULTS UK is pleased to announce the launch of the Robin Hood Tax campaign here in the UK.

If you’ve been following RESULTS for a while, you’ll see that this is the culmination of a lot of work we have done previously on a Currency Transaction Levy and on a broader Financial Transaction Tax. We’ve been working with an unprecedented coalition of domestic charities, aid agencies, unions, faith organisations and green groups – more than 50 in all and set to rise now the campaign is public.

The main website for the campaign is at We would highly recommend everyone go visit the site, and watch the Bill Nighy video. Nobody does “uncomfortable squirming” quite like Bill.

If you’re on twitter, follow robinhood to stay abreast of the latest.

So, what is the Robin Hood Tax? Simply, it’s a tiny tax on bank-to-bank transactions that can raise a large amount of money to do good both at home and abroad. Broadly speaking a tax of just 0.05% could raise as much as £250 billion globally – every year.

That goes a huge way towards paying back the public for the bank bailout, and also goes some way towards repairing the damage caused by the financial crisis to everyone on the planet. It generates money for development spending – which is the morally right thing to do because countries who have seen their economies smashed had no part in creating the problem. It even provides an innovative way for the UK to meet its commitments to climate change in otherwise tough financial times.

Over the next few days we’re going to be posting a few more links about the Robin Hood Tax – explaining it in more detail and showing ways you can be involved. Watch this space.

Lastly, RESULTS just wants to give a big thank you to our activists who have written to their MPs to generate support for the FTT and provided great feedback on their responses. This has been really important in the build-up to the campaign launch for testing the waters and building early momentum.

Well done to everyone in RESULTS who has been in action in the last few months! Let us know about your successful media work, and don’t worry: we won’t ask you to wear green tights – unless you want to!

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