Robin Hood – He’s All Over the Media

Today’s launch of the The World's Greatest Bank JobRobin Hood Tax campaign has caused quite a stir in the media.

The Telegraph had a teaser for the video on the front page, leading to an opinion piece by Bill Nighy, who plays the banker being grilled about the Robin Hood Tax.

In the same company as Bill, Hannah French from the Edinburgh group has an opinion piece in the Scotsman! Sadly, you can’t read the article online as you need to be a subscriber, but we’ve got our hands on a copy you can download and read it for yourself here.

The Guardian has done a great job of covering it too, with an article and a letter from members of the coalition, of which RESULTS UK is a signatory.

Everyone seems to have gotten quite excited! The Mirror has covered it as a “Top News” item here, and Sky News Online posted an article up, here. The Independent has a good article here.

This really is a perfect opportunity to write to any and all of these newspapers and media outlets to show your support for the Robin Hood Tax. If you would like to refresh your memory by taking a look at the background materials RESULTS has already prepared on the issue of financial transaction taxes, you can get them from our website. Alternately, the main Robin Hood Tax website also has some information. Good luck!


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