February action materials now available

The February action pack is now available on the RESULTS UK website.

Our conference call this month will revisit the issue of reforming the international aid architecture for education that we addressed in last July’s conference call. Aid to education has stagnated since 2004, and there is a real danger that without a big increase in how much donors are allocating to this sector we will miss the Millennium Development Goal of having all children completing primary school by 2015.

A major reason for the difficulties that have been seen since 2004 is the failure of the best international mechanism for coordinating aid to education – the Fast Track Initiative (FTI) – to attract new donors. The FTI has also failed to work effectively with conflict-affected fragile states, but over half of all the children who are out of school in the world live in these states. These two issues mean that reform of the FTI is absolutely essential to make sure that we have the right basics in place to allow for scaling education aid up to the levels needed.

In July we spoke on our conference call about creating a Global Fund for Education. The upcoming reform process to be discussed by the FTI board is a major step towards transforming the FTI into an effective Global Fund, and so it is essential that we push the board to be ambitious and radical so that change can happen quickly and effectively.

On the call we will be joined by Janice Dolan, who is a Senior International Consultant at CfBT Education Trust, a major provider of education worldwide as well as a leading research organisation. Janice spoke on a RESULTS conference call back in September 2008 about the issue of education in conflict-affected fragile states, and we are very happy that she will be joining us to give us an update on the situation and explain how reform of the international aid architecture will impact on children in these countries.

If you are unable to join us on the conference call, you can still take the action individually. A recording of the conference call will be available to listen to a few days after the call.


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