Vodafone volunteer makes a ‘World of Difference’ in Dundee

RESULTS UK is extremely lucky to have been selected to host a Vodafone ‘World of Difference’ volunteer this year.

Gemma Williams was selected from thousands of people to spend two months working with RESULTS as a Community Outreach and Engagement Officer.Over the next two months, Gemma is going to be helping to start up at least one new RESULTS group in Eastern Scotland. She will be holding a meeting in Dundee at the end of January to inform people about the work of RESULTS and will then invite participants to get together for our next conference call in February. Gemma is also working with her local media to raise the profile of RESULTS and the issues that we work on.

If you know anyone in the Dundee or St. Andrews area who might be interested in joining a RESULTS group, please send an email to Gemma at results.dundee@hotmail.co.uk.

Gemma will be writing all about her experiences with RESULTS so keep checking her blog to find out how she is getting on.

Vodafone’s World of Difference programme gives people the opportunity to spend time working for charities. Through World of Difference people can get paid experience – for two months or a year – at a charity of their choice in the UK or overseas. Applications for 2010 are now closed.


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