DFID releases concept note for microfinance fund for Africa

At a high-level roundtable meeting of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Microfinance/Microcredit (APPG-MF) on the 10 December the Department for International Development (DFID) opened a consultation on the design of a major new capacity-building fund for microfinance in Africa. This is currently being designed at DFID in partnership with the World Bank. You can now view the minutes of the meeting at the APPG’s website.

DFID have just released a concept note, which outlines the rationale, approaches and activities that are proposed for the fund. Further consultations are ongoing with microfinance institutions and other bodies, and RESULTS will be preparing a response to the concept note for feedback to DFID. If you have any comments that you would like to be incorporated into this response we would really like to hear them at julia@results-uk.org

5 responses to “DFID releases concept note for microfinance fund for Africa

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  2. Are they microfinacial institution for these schemee/project nominated already or can new ones be also added. Thank you.

    • Hi Akan,

      The details are not yet out from DFID so we don’t know yet exactly what they are going to support. A summary of the findings from the public consultation is due to be published very soon and should be posted on the DFID website.


      The RESULTS team

  3. we have developed a rural housing project concept paper for donors to fund.the project is intending to give loans to the rural low- income earners on a revolving fund system. We ask if this falls in your programmes for funding that we can submit our proposal

  4. Hi, thanks for your comment.

    RESULTS UK does not have a funding programme as we are an advocacy organisation. The fund we are reporting on in this blog post is currently being designed by the UK Government’s Department for International Development. As it’s still in the design phase it’s not yet open for applications, but more information should be available soon on the DFID website at http://consultation.dfid.gov.uk/microfinance2010/


    The RESULTS team

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