Lucy Chesire Awarded for Extraordinary Achievements in TB Advocacy

RESULTS UK are delighted to announce that Lucy Chesire, one of our ACTION partners from Kenya, and long time friend of RESULTS, has been acknowledged for her extraordinary commitment to raising awareness of TB internationally. At the opening ceremony of the IUATLD conference in Mexico on Friday night, Lucy was presented the Stop TB Partnership and Kochon Foundation ‘Kochon prize’ for extraordinary achievements in combating TB.

Lucy learned she was HIV-positive in 1992 and was the first female health professional in Kenya to publicly acknowledge her status. In 2000 she was diagnosed with TB and faced surgery and hospital treatment to overcome the disease. Since her recovery she has committed her life to raising awareness of the disease, and has become a leading advocate on TB and TB-HIV issues.

Lucy has worked closely with RESULTS UK since 2005 when she first came to the UK to support our efforts to educate decision-makers about the importance of fighting TB and TB-HIV. She has since visited the UK on a number of occasions and has been invited to give evidence to the UK’s Select Committee on International Development in recognition of her important role as a global health expert and ambassador.

Lucy has also helped RESULTS UK to generate national media coverage about TB, appearing on Radio 4’s Woman’s Hour and authoring an editorial for the Guardian, to give just two examples.

In her speech, Lucy humbly accepted the award on behalf of all those affected by TB, and urged all those attending the conference to step up efforts to fight the disease, so that millions more lives can be saved. Lucy shares the 2009 Kochen Prize with Professor Stewart Cole, Director of the Global Health Institute at the Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne in Switzerland. Professor Cole is responsible for groundbreaking research on Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the microorganism that causes TB.


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