Select Committee Calls for More Resources to Promote Early Detection of TB

RESULTS UK welcomes the release of a new report by the International Development Select Committee which reviews the UK Department for International Development’s response to the HIV and AIDS epidemic.

The report was released to coincide with World AIDS Day, which is today.

Citing written evidence provided by RESULTS UK, the Committee called for “more resources to promote the early detection of TB, including funding for new diagnostic tools, as well as support for research into new drug regimes.”The Committee acknowledged that “an integrated approach to tackling these diseases is a key element in an effective AIDS strategy, given that so many people with HIV die from TB”. It described its disappointment that the Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for DFID’s AIDS strategy included no measures for monitoring the integration of HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria programmes – measures that RESULTS has also advocated for.

The Committee also called for DFID to put more pressure on other donors to meet their funding pledges, including to the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, TB and Malaria, which has suffered a US$3 billion deficit in funding this year. It recognised that such a major shortfall will affect the Fund’s ability to deliver vital HIV, TB and malaria programmes.

The International Development Select Committee is the Parliamentary overseer of the Department for International Development. Their recommendations are not binding on DFID, but they are an important source of influence over the Department’s strategies and programmes.


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