Keats’s Epitaph for our TB Generation

The Guardian has just published an excellent opinion piece that uses the film Bright Star as a way of highlighting the current dreadful impact that tuberculosis still has today.

Bright Star, the Movie

In the article the link between this ancient killer and the modern situation is laid bare. While it’s quite long for an opinion piece, there is still plenty of scope for adding additional information about TB in the comments section, so by all means write an intelligent and thought-provoking comment to fuel the debate and get people talking about TB.

In particular, you may want to mention more details about how TB kills 5,000 people per day, as opposed to the 8,000 deaths total from swine flu, another airborne infectious disease. Or, perhaps you could comment in more detail about the Global Fund and how making sure it is properly funded in 2010 is vital as it’s the single biggest funder of TB control efforts in the world.

Whatever you decide to write, don’t miss this chance to have your voice heard.


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