Mike Foster MP: Be a Toilet Hero on World Toilet Day

Today is World Toilet Day, and to mark the day RESULTS is joining with the End Water Poverty campaign to petition Mike Foster MP, Minister of State for International Development, to be a ‘toilet hero’ and do more to help the 2 billion people without proper toilets.

To sign the petition (the full text is below), go to http://act.ly/11s

You can also help the campaign by tweeting ‘petition @MikeFosterMP to be a toilet hero for 2.5 billion people who don’t have one http://act.ly/11s RT to sign #wtd’

Dear Minister,

Be a toilet hero for the billions without one.

Today is World Toilet Day. It’s the day to stop and think ‘thank goodness I’ve got somewhere to go’. You have a toilet but, like most of us, you probably take this basic service for granted. There are few things in the world as important as the humble toilet. Today the number without is 2.5 billion. The child deaths that result from this, the school days lost, and cost to developing country economies is nothing less than scandalous.

One in three people are waiting but no political champion has stepped forward. Although we welcome some of the recent steps taken by you and the UK government, we need you to do more. This World Toilet Day we challenge you to break the silence on the sanitation crisis and be a toilet hero to billions.

Specifically, we ask you to:

– Contact Canada, France, Japan and the US asking them to support the Global Framework for Action on sanitation and water
– Make sure the UK government sends a Minister to talk toilets at the High-Level Meeting in Washington in April.


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