London Activists Bring Some Spice to RESULTS

On Saturday, members of the London RESULTS group brought friends and supporters together to learn about and celebrate the work of RESULTS.

London fundraiser Nov09webThe group hosted a fundraising lunch at Spice, in London’s Brick Lane – a street famous for its many South Asian restaurants and shops. The setting was appropriate given that many of the interventions that RESULTS activists advocate for are targeted at reducing poverty in South Asia.

Bangladesh, for example, is home to microcredit and Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus. Group leader Dan explained that RESULTS has worked closely with pioneers such as Muhammad Yunus over the years to promote the power of microcredit and microfinance to help poor people lift themselves out of poverty. He also talked about the other activities and issues that RESULTS members get involved with and encouraged people to join the group if they’d like to get more involved in efforts to end poverty.


Placemat showing the global reach of RESULTS' work

As well as having a delicious lunch and a fun afternoon, the group also raised over £450 which will help to provide the information and resources necessary for our network of activists to continue campaigning for better health, education and opportunities for the world’s poorest people.


2 responses to “London Activists Bring Some Spice to RESULTS

  1. Cath Hymas

    Thanks for your company on Saturday! As a RESULTS grassroots activist, it was really nice sharing a meal with like minded people. When we join together what seem like small individual actions, we can bring about BIG change to help the world’s poorest.

  2. Congratulations to the London group – great work on raising funds and also awareness of RESULTS’ work! I wish I could have been there.

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