All-Party Group on TB to Host ‘Airborne’ Exhibition in Parliament

The All-Party Parliamentary Group on TB (APPG) has partnered with the World Health Organization’s Stop TB Department to host a powerful photography exhibition in Parliament.

‘Airborne’ is a powerful exploration into the challenges and solutions to addressing multi drug-resistant and extensively drug-resistant TB in the world today.

An estimated 2 million people died in 2007 from tuberculosis. More than a half-million new multidrug-resistant TB cases each year (MDR-TB). At least 50,000 of these patients had an even more deadly form of TB, called extensively drug-resistant TB, (XDR-TB); more than 50 countries now report cases of XDR-TB

The World Health Organization asked award-winning journalist John Donnelly and award-winning photographer Dominic Chavez to tell the stories behind the numbers. They produced Airbourne from a journey to three continents – Europe, Africa, and Asia – in which they explored what was happening in the fight against MDR-TB.

Their stories and photographs will surprise you and, it is hoped, be instructive in what needs to happen in order to prevent and control the spread of multidrug-resistant TB.

Visitors to Parliament are invited to view the photographs which will be on display in the Upper Waiting Hall between November 9th and 13th. For more information contact

For those unable to see the photos in person, you can view many of them on the WHO’s website.


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