Ugandan Disability Champion Joins RESULTS to Campaign for Education for All

As part of its ‘Education for All’ campaign, RESULTS UK has invited the Honourable James Mwandha to participate in a week-long advocacy tour starting Monday 9th November 2009.

It is estimated that one third of the 75 million children who remain out of school are disabled. Education is a fundamental right, but disabled children face massive barriers to participation in education, condemning them to a life of poverty.

Mr Mwandha and representatives from RESULTS will be meeting with MPs, DFID officials and other NGOs to talk about the role that the UK can play in developing inclusive education policies and programmes that will enable disabled children to realise their right to an education. Mr Mwandha will draw upon his own personal experiences including his role in the introduction of progressive disability rights legislation in Uganda.

Mr Mwandha is a former member of the Ugandan Parliament, representing People with Disabilities. Himself a polio survivor, Mr Mwandha was instrumental in initiating legislation for the protection of rights of Disabled Persons in the Ugandan Parliament. He was leader of Uganda’s delegation to the United Nations (UN) Ad Hoc Committee on the Convention on the Rights and Dignity of People with Disabilities from 2002 to 2006. He is currently the Chairman of the Commonwealth Disabled Peoples Forum (CDPF) made up of Disabled People’s Organizations (DPOs) in the 53 Commonwealth Countries to advocate for the rights of Disabled Persons and promote the ratification and implementation of the Convention.

In Uganda, Mr. Mwandha is the Chairman of the National Steering Committee on the implementation of the African Decade for People with Disabilities 2000-2009 and he is also Chairman of the Uganda National Action on Physical Disability, a National DPO in Uganda and actively engaged in disability rights advocacy in Uganda and Africa.

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