Send an Early Christmas Card to Stephen Harper and Ask Him to Make Sanitation a G8 Priority

Last night, RESULTS activists joined together on the November conference call to learn about the importance of sanitation and hygiene for child survival.

Across the UK, RESULTS groups are asking members of their community to join them in taking action. We are sending an early Christmas card to the Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper, to ask him to launch a child survival initiative that has sanitation and hygiene as a top priority at the G8 next year.

Canada will be hosting the G8 Summit in 2010 and is therefore in an excellent position to make sure that the international momentum toward tackling child mortality addresses sanitation and health in an integrated fashion.

Conference call guest Rhona MacDonald, Senior Editor of the Lancet, said that “the world is crying out for an initiative on water and sanitation for child survival”. She said that “the public could be the saving grace here” by helping to generate the political will needed to get such an initiative a reality.

RESULTS activists are doing just that: speaking to community groups across the UK over the next few weeks in order to educate others about the importance of sanitation and hygiene for child survival. We are joined in this effort by RESULTS Canada, who are already talking to the Canadian government to keep the pressure up. This is a truly international effort.

Take action: send a personal message to Stephen Harper.

Download the card and post it to: Office of the Prime Minister, 80 Wellington Street, Ottawa, K1A 0A2, Canada. (Alternatively post it to the RESULTS office and we will send it for you).

For background materials on the issue and action visit the RESULTS website

Nearly 3 million children die every year as a direct result of their lack of access to sanitation. For too long global efforts to save children’s lives have ignored water and sanitation, meaning that these entirely preventable deaths have continued.


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