Increase TB awareness urges Winstone Zulu

Winstone Zulu, one of the world’s leading activists against the spread of HIV/AIDS and TB says there is need for collaboration between government and TB centres in his home country of Zambia if the fight against the disease is to be won.

Despite the disease being in existence for hundreds of  years, Winstone believes that people have not fully understood TB due to lack of adequate information compared to that of HIV/AIDS.

Winstone has worked closely with RESULTS to highlight the fact that TB is the leading cause of death for those with HIV. He has visited the UK on numerous occasions to help education British decision-makers and NGOs about the importance of a collaborative approach to tackling TB and HIV.

Winstone Zulu became the first individual in Zambia to publicly acknowledge being HIV positive. He has been living with HIV and AIDS since 1990, and became sick with – and was cured of – TB in 1997. He watched four of his brothers die of TB, as a result of a lack of access to the drugs that would have cured them and extended their lives. He’s since become the pre-eminent global advocate on the dangers posed by the increasing spread of TB throughout the developing world.

Read more about Winstone’s work in this article from the Lusaka Times:


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