RESULTS Backs 1GOAL Education for All Campaign

World leaders this month joined forces with footballers, fans and celebrities to pledge their support to a campaign to provide an education for every child.

Nine year old Gugu Ngubane from South Africa became the first person to sign up for the campaign and stole the show at Wembley Stadium in London when she said “School is fun and I want to help make sure every child in Africa can go to school like me”

The 1GOAL campaign is aiming to recruit tens of millions of supporters through a mass sign up campaign to achieve a school place for every child out of school globally, pushing for:

  • Governments to give more aid to for education and stand by their current pledges;
  • Greater investment for more teachers, textbooks and schools in developing countries; and
  • For millions of people in the developing world to understand the importance of sending their children to school

RESULTS UK is part of the Global Campaign for Education, the body behind the 1Goal campaign. Campaigns Officer Julia Modern says: “Today there are 75 million children who denied an education. One-third of those children are also living with a disability. By giving these children the education they deserve they will have a much stronger chance of getting out of poverty.

The World Cup in South Africa is a great opportunity for everybody – from world leaders to individual activists – to come together and leave a legacy of education for all.”

You can signal your support for the 1GOAL campaign by signing up on the website:

Watch this video to find out more about the Education for All campaign:


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