Save the Children Launch Global Campaign to Save Children’s Lives

Today, Save the Children have launched the ‘Every One’ campaign with the aim of saving millions of children from dying before they reach their fifth birthday.

The Next Revolution: Giving every child the chance to survive

Their new report ‘The Next Revolution‘ presents the challenges in saving the lives of young children. It outlines how we can work together to deliver cost-effective solutions and to campaign to ensure the world pays attention to Millennium Development Goals 4 and 5.

The report sets out the problems and solutions of child survival. It includes success stories and recommendations to galvanise political attention and to ensure that proven interventions get to children most at risk. Most importantly, it proposes a seven-point plan for newborn and child mortality.

One of the major challenges that the report highlights is poor sanitation and unsafe water – the cause of more than one-quarter of under-five deaths. Many of these deaths relate to diarrhoea, which spreads rapidly in unhygienic environments, or where hygiene practices are poor. A lack of clean water and safe sanitation also increases the incidence of acute respiratory infections, another major cause of child mortality. In October, members of the RESULTS UK network will be raising awareness of this unacceptable situation and simple, cost-effective interventions such as handwashing with soap which can contribute to efforts to save children’s lives. For more information about our latest action visit our website.


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