Aaron Oxley starts work as RESULTS Executive Director

This week we have been joined by our new Executive Director, Aaron Oxley. Many members of the RESULTS network already know Aaron due to his long history of involvement with RESULTS, first as a member of the London group and more recently as a Trustee. We are very excited to have Aaron on board, and are looking forward to big developments at RESULTS over the coming years.

Aaron told us: “It is my pleasure to have taken up the role of Executive Director this week. The new visibility this has given me to all the successes and hard work going on around the network is truly humbling, so I want to start out by saying a big thank you to all our activists. My own commitment is to come and meet with every group as soon as possible, so please get in touch if you’re having a special event (or want to run one!) where I could attend, meet everyone, and help out. I want to hear firsthand how we in the office can better support and encourage you in your activism, and to build a shared vision for RESULTS’ next steps. It is an exciting time, and I am looking forward to working alongside you to change the world.”


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