Birmingham MP Calls for Removal of User Fees

Following a meeting with a member of the Birmingham RESULTS group, Gisela Stuart, MP for Bartley Green, Edgbaston, Harborne and Quinton has written to Douglas Alexander urging him and the UK government to assisting countries to remove these fees for the poorest of patients.

In a recent post on her website, Gisela Stuart said “In many developing countries pregnant women and babies die needlessly because they can not afford what are called ‘user fees’ for getting the most basic health care. When the World Bank meets in October the UK should make it its core position to get the World Bank to stop insisting on user fees.”

She says “I have written to Douglas Alexander and reminded him of the good results achieved in countries like Ghana and Burundi where the removal of these fees has resulted in many lives being saved”.

“The most basic health care should not be denied to the poorest; we all have a responsibility to improve their lives.”

Congratulations to Gisela Stuart and the Birmingham RESULTS group for championing this issue at this crucial moment.

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