RESULTS Welcomes Publication of DFID Project Details

RESULTS and other civil society organisations have struggled for years to obtain accurate information about how the Department for International Development (DFID) spends its money. In order to obtain information about how much of DFID’s funding goes into fighting tuberculosis (TB) for example, RESULTS would have to make an annual request to DFID’s statistics department who have then provided RESULTS with a breakdown of their health projects.

We are therefore pleased to learn that DFID is now publishing information about the projects it funds for anyone to see. Details of projects that are carried out in developing countries can now be accessed by searching an online project database enabling you to see what each project aims to achieve and how much it costs. You can search for projects by country or sector and then sort or filter the results and print them or save them to a spreadsheet.

By providing this information in a transparent and accessible way, organisations like RESULTS can easily monitor whether DFID is investing sufficiently in the interventions that we believe have the greatest impact in improving the lives of the world’s poorest people.

Publishing project information is part of DFID’s efforts to ensure greater effectiveness and value for money as outlined in their 2009 White Paper ‘Building Our Common Future’.


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