RESULTS Responds to G20 Consultation on the IMF

RESULTS has made a submission to a consultation on the response of the IMF to the financial crisis, which is being run by the Department for International Development. The consultation will feed into Gordon Brown’s report at the Pittsburgh Summit in September on the implementation of the G20’s plan to tackle the crisis. You can view RESULTS’ response to the consultation online here.

The consultation remains open until Tuesday 18th August, and if you would like to make a submission you can find instructions and a template here.

A preliminary report on the consultation was released this week, and features many of the points that RESULTS made in our submission. You can view the report here. There is an overwhelming consensus among those responding to the consultation that the IMF has not responded quickly or flexibly enough to the crisis, and we are not yet seeing a sufficient reduction in the conditions that the IMF imposes on developing nations. We look forward to seeing how the G20 will respond to the issues raised through the consultation.


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