Participants in RESULTS Parliamentary Delegation to India Announced

In September, staff from RESULTS UK and the Action Project will be accompanying six parliamentarians on a cross-party delegation to India to learn about the country’s efforts to address major health challenges such as TB and HIV.

David Amess, David Borrow, William CashMark Oaten, Virendra Sharma MPs and Lord Amir Bhatia will spend four days in Mumbai and Delhi visiting a variety of programmes and evaluating the impact of the UK’s efforts to help lift people out of poverty in India.

The delegates will see firsthand both what is working in India and what barriers remain to the scale up of quality health care for all. Co-ordinated with our Action India partners, the itinerary will include visits to a variety of national and community-based health programmes and interactions with service users and health care providers. Delegates will also meet with DFID staff, the UK High Commissioner to India and the Indian Minister of Health and Social Welfare.

India has the highest burden of TB in the world; its 15 million patients account for nearly a third of all cases worldwide, while HIV and multi-drug-resistant strains of TB are placing increasing pressure on the country’s TB programmes.

Kate and Louise from RESULTS will be posting regular blogs from India to share their experiences of the trip.


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