New Executive Director of RESULTS UK Appointed

The Board of RESULTS UK is pleased to announce the appointment of Aaron Oxley as Executive Director of RESULTS UK, taking effect from September 2009.

Aaron Oxley

Aaron Oxley

Aaron has been involved with RESULTS as an activist, donor, and Board member for more than a decade. He began his involvement in RESULTS as a grassroots activist and Group Leader, establishing a group in London before moving overseas for his work with Opportunity International. Aaron worked with Opportunity to help to set up many microfinance banks in Africa, Asia, and Eastern Europe, getting an in-depth exposure to how international development works on the ground.

Four years ago, Aaron took a sabbatical from Opportunity, taking a Masters in Global Politics at the London School of Economics. His focus was on issues such as global civil society, international organisations, and the politics and economics of development. After completing these studies, Aaron was invited to help set up MicroEnsure, Opportunity’s micro insurance arm carrying out groundbreaking work in establishing micro insurance as the third financial service beside micro loans and micro savings.

With MicroEnsure firmly established as a world leading micro insurance organisation, Aaron has now returned full-time to RESULTS. He said of his appointment: “RESULTS UK is a unique organisation that has a special role to play in empowering ordinary people to bring great change to the world, and is wonderfully effective in leveraging resources for international development in ways that really transform lives. It is an honour to be able to use my skills in the service of this mission.”

Richard Phipps, Chair of RESULTS UK’s Board said “We are delighted to welcome Aaron to this key role, and are looking forward to giving every support to his passion for citizen activism and international development to help RESULTS grow in exciting new ways, reaching out to new people and helping make an even bigger impact on the lives of those we serve.”


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