RESULTS UK’s report on education presented to MPs

Must Try Harder, RESULTS UK’s report analysing the lack of progress towards global education goals, has been presented to several senior MPs in recent weeks, all of whom have agreed to raise the issues it highlights with the Department for International Development. The presentations were organised by members of local RESULTS groups in Macclesfield and Poole.

Shadow Chancellor George Osborne was presented with the report by a pupil during a visit to St John’s Wood Community School in Knutsford. He is pictured above with school governors Tony Want and Sanjay Vaja, who is also a member of the Macclesfield RESULTS group. Mr Osborne agreed to raise the issues in the report with International Development Secretary, Douglas Alexander.

Macclesfield MP, Sir Nicholas Winterton (pictured above), was given a copy of the report during a special assembly at Marlborough County Primary School, organised by RESULTS group member, Jay Vaja. Children from the school performed a sketch highlighting five key points from the report.

At the launch of the report in Dorset, Poole MP Annette Brooke was joined by local schoolteacher Andy Laidler, who donned a traditional gown and mortar board for the presentation. Mrs Brooke has already raised several questions in Parliament about issues highlighted in the report.

In addition to these public presentations, a further six MPs, including Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg MP, received visits from members of local RESULTS groups to discuss the report.


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