Food price crisis: campaign success

Last month the focus of the RESULTS action and conference call was rising global food prices, which have put up to 100 million people at risk of starvation. RESULTS activists wrote to their MPs to call on the UK to scale up its emergency response to the crisis, pointing out that the £30m it had committed so far was less than half the amount it gave to tsunami relief efforts. We called for a doubling of this figure and also urged action on the underlying long-term issues.

We were therefore delighted to note that at the World Food Summit in Rome on 3 June, Douglas Alexander announced a further £33m to help poor consumers buy food in Mozambique, Afghanistan, Bangladesh and Sierra Leone, four of the worst-affected countries, plus additional long-term investment to help African farmers.

The World Food Programme also reported that the international community had responded positively to its appeal for $755m in emergency funding, and it was therefore scaling up its food aid programme in 62 countries worldwide.

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